The CORRECT solution to numbered ranking

Dont do 1-50
Do 1-1000.

Make it so that only a tenth of a percent can claim to be the best there is.
Lets just be honest here, using true skill in a game is beyond easy, it has already been developed, so all you need to do is make a system that informs the system of wins and losses and your done. Is that really too hard for 343? If it is asking to much for them to make a playlist or two for their dedicated competitive gamers, than I really dont have much hope for the future of the series

I disagree, make it something challenging, but obtainable, and something that can be kept if you choose to stop. Otherwise people will lose interest.

This OP is the worst troll I’ve see in weeks.


Please just leave, 343 should not listen to you at all. If you were in control, you would destroy this franchise. Get that through your damn skull.

I predicted this forum would go downhill after stopped tracking stats.