The Core

The core of halo is and has always been the centerpiece of what halo players want. But what is it? I would like to hear what people think it is. I have played all the halos and I hear the core is in our faces. I don’t see it. Is it Halo 2,3, or Reach? 'Cause I don’t know what it is necessarily. I know what i think makes halo fun but apparently it it is not what I think, because I keep giving an opinion but am always shot down by a “first generation halo fan”. So please, share with a fairly new Halo fan: what is The Core.

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Halo has always been unique because of it’s beautiful simplicity (game-play that is). You have a handful of weapons at your disposal, and all of them are unique and are effective in their own way, kind of like rock paper scissors.

An other thing that makes Halo more unique, is the kill times are considerably longer than most FPSs. Because of the long kill times, you try to find the most efficient way to kill someone, it makes you think, instead of just mindless spray and pray.

Halo also has an incredible and complex fiction to it. There have been 10 or 15 books and or short stories written about things that take place in the same universe, but about different characters, different times, different places. Halo is way more than a game.