The controls for the scorpion are terrible

Comparing the controls for the scorpion tank to every other halo, this one is by far the worst. You can’t manually steer it without changing the camera. It only goes forward and backward. The controls are not good at all. Anyone else having problems with the scorpion?


I think I’ve got in one once so not really sure but heard lots of people complaining and seen lots of people doing an Austin Powers style turn.

If using controller, does the ‘movement assisted steering’ setting make any difference?

If you were REALLY interested in a solution, you would use the search feature of this forum…

So its a common issue. Good to know.

Try toggling the “movement assisted steering” option in your settings. I don’t remember if it’s supposed to be on or off, but basically the opposite of default makes the controls feel more natural

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i agree, on PC it is so bad. i can move around without problem with all vehicle but the scorpion. there is something off with the scorpion.