The console and KB & mouse feud

Reading the forums everyone claims the other side has the advantage when playing Halo. Even though I have only played on console I can typically tell who is playing on which based on their movement choices in game. KBM players are the ones doing the constant jumping in combat because on the console to jump you have to take your thumb off the aim, which isn’t what you want to do in the midst of a battle.

Feel free to correct me but by my observations console players have the advantage in close quarter maps and KBM have the advantage in big maps. This is because KBM can’t turn as quickly at close range and melee, but the mouse gives a high degree of aiming precision at a distance. This seems like a fair trade off, but if you are use to playing Halo against console players for 20 years this change in the game is quite dynamic. The big team battle has always been one of the most fun aspects of the game because it is more difficult to snipe on console therefore you move close using vehicles and fight it out face to face. But with the addition of high count sniper population moving into the game this becomes difficult and you will often die without firing a shot. One of the reasons I specifically started playing Halo was the fact that it wasn’t a heavy sniping game. If you have only played on the KBM then you are also going to be frustrated because you are use to playing a certain way with certain expectations that makes certain aspects seem unfair.

The option of being able to try and join console only or KBM only would be a nice way to elevate this and of course if finding matches this way becomes unbearable then you just change the setting to open up to all.

Okay, will do.

Depends on your botton lay-out. Some people have one of the 4 triggers for jumping and then you can aim and jump at the same time.

KBM can turn way quicker then controler

the KBM community is way to small for that (at the moment).

So you are saying that KBM is superior in every way? If this is the case then why are so many claiming consoles have the advantage? Do you have a theory?

Where do i say that?

I said the main advantage of console is close range because they can turn easier and you said no KBM can do that better. So that was the one advantage and you said that’s not true meaning 2 advantages for KBM but none for console.

the main advantage for controler is not on the melee range, but for just outside of that range till middle range, so basicly everything withing the range of aim assist. It’s the aiming the controler has the advantage in.

Aim assist doesn’t seem like that big of an advantage because I can dominate other console guys at that mid range pretty well and if they had aim assist I’d think it would be more evenly matched.

I also think another solution to the sniper problem would be having open boards but also tunnels or something where you can maneuver in close ranges. An intricate sewer system with a city above would pretty cool.