The conan thing (My idea, Not BR related)

LOL. Watch.

Not BR related.

I bet you 10 Halo’s and a Gravity Hammer this hilarious dialogue will be an easter egg, probably on Legendary (Maybe with IWHBYD) like if you walked in that area and waited you could hear this.

I really hope so. I would love Halo 4 so much better.

That’s what I was guessing at too, it would be a fun and amusing little easter egg.

What exactly is the point of this thread.

Those two doing the reading need to be an Easter Egg. I mean it would make my year.

Wait, a thread on a Halo forum that’s NOT BR related?

How… how can that be? Is it even possible?

I can’t wait to tickle Conan with the butt of my rifle! :smiley:

“Gotta Load my boxes”

“I don’t think they’d notice anything missing, you know what I mean”

“Yup, These boxes”

I almost died that entire thing.

It would be funny hearing it in game… But I didn’t think the skit was that funny to be honest.