The conan clip = excited for H4 again ^_^

Gota say with all the crazy stuff released in GI i was on the verge of writing off h4 as reach 2.0. But what frankie has amended on neogaf and then the conan clip which looked just like how halo MP should with no bloom nonsense and a high jump height and decent movement speed has renewed my faith. choosing between precision weapons is no biggie, and the weapon spawn locations being broadcast may be fun (needs to be tried first), and armor perks can be ok depending on what they do ex like lettign you carry 4 nades of each like CE-2 or a few extra clips etc so as of now im positive about H4. Also the nerf to sprint which makes you slow down is just what sprint needed to kill fears of sprint double beatdowns occuring.

Keep it up 343, I want to love H4, but dont forget those who have been here from the start and make what defined halo into a single lonely obscurely named playlist.

Just announce:
truly balanced fair AAs (like a h3 gravlift style JP or camo that needs to get AA powerups to function)
And armor perks as mentioned above

and H4 may just be the game that makes halo the “prince of all FPS once again”