The Composer

No, not that one, the guy who did the music for Guardians.

I watched the season 3 episodes of The Sprint last night, and both focused on the sound of the game, both foley and orchestral/choral. The music from this game is incredible. He focused on the obscure background of Locke in making his theme, and did new plays on the more familiar MC themes.

As a huge music fan, I believe that music transcends language barriers and unifies experiences more cleanly than dialogue can and it’s being taken really seriously here. I like the Reach score, and bought it, but this one is going to blow that out of the water.

Yay music. Lots of love for music.

OP I want to give some kind of input, but all I can really say is I agree with you.

I have absolutely zero talent or knowledge when it comes to music, but I can certainly appreciate the combination of talent and intelligence it takes to make music for a game that is both quality on its own and a perfect match for the places it would be used. Sure seems like Kazuma has that down. Seeing the comparison of Blue Team and Osiris’s themes highlights that ability.

I am so hype to hear all the tracks.

I’m a musician of 17 years… music is very important to me, and it hits me on a deeper level than most.
Sounds like he’s doing a great job!

The Blue Team song is absolutely beautiful and emotional. While I listening that music I remember Blue Team past.
Nowadays I think probaly I should learn music, because these songs are incredible and makes me to think about learning music.
All in all Kazuma did a great job!