The Composer and Cortana? With (GTTV Spoiler)

I’m just expressing my thoughts on how I think Cortana might survive her rampancy. What if MC makes a deal with the Didact. It is possible that the Didact will have some motive to fight against the humans and the humans might have something to offer the Forerunners. Maybe restoring them to the galaxy to finish the flood and defeat the Precursors. All this is speculation. I would like to see a love story unfold with MC and Cortana. Maybe Halsey uses her DNA to clone herself and flash Cortana into the clones brain. Kind of like a “The 6th Day” type of event. Either way Cortana’s mortality will be a huge focus in the Reclaimer Trilogy. And I don’t really want to see her die. I have too much emotional investment in the character. :smiley: <3

What are your guy’s/girl’s thoughts?