The community sucks!

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The community here is just terrible. They are a bunch of five year olds who want the same game just with shiny new graphics and don’t want anything to change. None of you know how Halo 4 is going to work. 343i has been working on this game for a while now and I think they have their reasons to add in all that they did. The so called fans of Halo are crying out that it is becoming Call of Duty, guess what it’s not. It is becoming Halo 4. Not Call of Duty: Halo or even Halo 2.5/Halo 3.5.

Spartan Ops - (Inb4 stolen from CoD’s Spec Ops) I’m happy about this being added into the mix. Instead of just playing the campaign in Co-op you get to play other missions which is nice.

Elites not being in Matchmaking - Doesn’t really effect much other than there not being Elite Slayer.

Firefight not returning - Just a loss of a game mode. Nothing to huge.

Loadouts - Sounds like it will just be like the Gears 3 system just with the ability to choose grenades and an armor ability.

Instant Respawns - Sounds good, goes well with the what is looking to be faster gameplay. Also not in objective modes so that is better.

All this doesn’t sound like it is going to ruin the game. Actually sounds like it will help the game be a lot better and bring in a bunch of new fans.

Still the community sucks and just loves to complain about everything that is even remotely changed just because it will mess up their point and shoot gameplay.

Also to those who say competitive is dying boo freakin hoo. If you want truly competitive gameplay go and play on Pc.

tl:dr the community is whining for no reason.

Beers for this kid… NOAW!!!

I apologize. I am not a sheep.

> I apologize. I am not a sheep.

It doesn’t make you a sheep if you like the changes, which a lot of us do.

OP can’t inb4

But I actually agree with you for allot of what you have said, people just need to calm down and wait for some real gameplay or news

I do not apologize, I want a Halo game, not a regular FPS.

> I apologize. I am not a sheep.

So you think you are far superior than everyone else and that your opinion should be taken as fact?

Yeah, I’m sure this thread will help the community get over how it “sucks” OP.

shiny new graphics?!?! did you not see that thread where some clown was saying how halo 4 was over done? He then proceeded to cry because he things map should be made of flat grey objects.

If I wanted half of those things I could go play Gears 3 or Crysis.
I want new maps, graphics, a new feature of two, and a good story.

You don’t have to change how it plays in some radical way like what Bungie did with Reach.

Crap. I missed my “inb4flamebaitythread” opportunity. :frowning:

OP, next time leave out the name calling and insults and then the community is usually more than willing to have a decent discussion.

You don’t know how the game play’s either. Instant spawns will do more bad than good, instant spawning can get you killed faster(ex. If you’re raging after you get killed and run back to the same spot and get killed again)And the Elite community is raging, I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Elite’s, but it doesn’t mean they should be removed. That’s just my opinion, the community need’s to informed in detail by 343,or they’ll continue to rage, especially with Forerunner Vision, even though Frankie said (And I quote) “You cannot use Forerunner vision to see players anywhere on the map. Absolutely not”