The community is getting naive again

Let me start by saying that the winter update is a great (albeit long overdue) addition to the game. However, I believe the community has been overreacting to it. All it took for Halo Infinite to go from “dead and gone” to “It’s the best thing ever” is apparently one update. Again, I’m not saying the update is bad or that you shouldn’t enjoy the game. I’m saying that our emotions seem to overtake our rationale again.

Our overly positive reaction is signaling MS that they can continue to mismanage this franchise because one update makes us forget the year long content drought that came before it. The next update won’t be here until March, and even then game would still miss key features.

Who says this euphoria of the winter update will last and that we won’t be back screaming doom and gloom once we get bored with it again?


Copium is a hell of a drug


Just because you see community excitement doesn’t mean they’re going to lose all form of rationale when it comes to the state of the game.

343 still has work to do and they know it. There’s still the missing forge browser that needs adding.


Even with the update, I haven’t recommended anyone to join back up for multiplayer.
As long as people are pistol spamming and continuously outperforming AR at close range and BR’s and Commandoes across the map. Why bother. Forge doesn’t matter to non-core fans.

Yes, 343 has a lot of work to do especially if their plan is to have seasonality throughout the year and provide us with incredible content then the work has to be put in and successfully created and implemented.

This update gave me a great scope into what 343 can do to implement change and growth for Infinite. I’ll remain hopefully and excited for future content, but I will never forget how hard the ball was dropped this first year of Infinite. The ball crashed through the floor into the basement and through the basement floor if you ask me.


Anti cheat is sorely needed.

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Yup 343 has a pretty tough uphill battle, at first they were just competing with themselves for the most part, but now _41t of other Game Devs are pumping out those post pandemic games, it’s going to make keeping players attention just a bit harder if they can’t keep pace.

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I agree with you. The game is more fun after this update, for sure. However, there are still massive problems.

For example, melee’s seem worse than ever, I’m getting far more Desync, and the amount of times that servers just stop working is getting insane. Plus I’m getting way worse ping and lag spikes despite it not being as bad before the update.

I’m more or less just playing to unlock my helmet (Mark V), and then I’m done. It’s fun to host some BTB squads on the nights, but give it a few weeks and most people would’ve left again.

As a update, I loaded into a FFA which was almost over and had 154 ping. Come on 343i, what even are these servers?!

The only reason I’ve come back is because they “more or less” fixed the crippling Server Selection issue, which gave me ping times of 250+ ms because their Server Selector code thinks some European Server is closer to me in Alberta Canada than Seattle.

My ping times dropped down to 35 ms for BTB and 20 ms for Quick Play. It isn’t perfect (since Monday it’s been 70 ms for all matches), but it’s better than 250 ms.

At least now I can see what people are talking about for sporadic De-Synch - you can’t tell at 250+ ms ping times.

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Let people be happy.

Honestly, genuinely, let people have fun. The doom and gloom society we’ve cultivated online is just, awful. Cynicism isn’t wisdom, it’s just a lazy way of saying you’ve been hurt.

This is less against you OP and more just.

I’m very tired of how cynical the Halo community is. Go build mongoose powered hamster wheels in Forge.



Broken game is still broken.


Joy is assaulting The Tower with a Wasp.

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Forge is a big deal, but 343 will probably have a hard time making future updates that can meet Forge + Co-cop being added.

The netcode of this game is still holding it back.

Now that warzone 2.0 has launched any flicker of “oh halo did something” will be a flash in the pan.

Truth is 343 dropped the ball a year ago and they’ve been playing from way behind ever since.


the multiplayer got the worst release start you can think about more since it got so many problems and things people not like.
lowst playlist to choose out from, less launch maps, a crap new contant flow, a lot off system problems it has most off then are still think not fix since today.
this looks more like MCC lauch day all over again only this time its more staying.

there have a anti cheat only thing is like we told then before all is that there anti cheating software is not going at all since cheaters will be always a big problem in any F2P game and not any anti cheat software is going to stop then since there always find way’s to by pass the anti cheating software its super easy for then to do it.

Always has been.‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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I don’t care much about Forge. Never have. Forge is not why I play Halo.

What I do care about is still broken.

Attention spans just aren’t measured the way they used to be. People want it now now now and if they actually get it, they forget all the bad that came before. Intentional or not, they put it out of their minds right when the brand new shiny object - in this case, an update - shows up offering “free” content to make up for the last year of bad, and it’s like the last year of disappointment never even happened.

It’s a different mindset of newer generations used to dealing with content in seconds, immediately. I guess cause I’m now considered older, I don’t let go of stuff so quickly. I still remember the pain halo 4 caused me (being 343’s first attempt at halo) & I still hold it against them for hiring “ppl who hate halo.” I just wish ppl weren’t so quick to forgive/forget when a dev pulls a fast one. There should be more accountability… and when screw ups happen, they should put it in high gear and not stop til the wrong gets righted.

Unfortunately, it’s different times we live in and the days of holding companies to higher standards has ended. In most gamers eyes, if a small update offers content for free (but it was content that was originally intended to be included in the season 1 battle pass… which just means we’re just now getting what was owed), they’ll forget all the bad that happened for an actual year & praise whoever just for doing their job/the bare minimum.

Again, companies should be held accountable instead of being praised the moment they drop a few crumbs, but even doing that is considered toxic/negative. Times have changed. Unfortunately, It is what it is.