The community can design a better rewards system

I have seen far better Ideas for reward systems in the threads. How 343 decided to just copy Fortnites/ Anthems store front is astoundingly unsurprising.

I have a few ideas as to how it could have been better and not looked like the assignment you have 4 months to complete and just put it together the night before.

1: Do not remove any items. Except event stuff.
2: Allow credits to be earned in game to use in the store.
3: all items eventually get archived after a year of being on store front and brought back in rotations.
4: Allow players to buy Individual items in the bundles.
5: bundles should only cost max 5 bucks. Individual peices $1 this makes bundles more bang for the bucks.

Reward system:

  • Commendations unlocks cosmetics.

    100 kills with the AR unlocks Weapon charm. Armor 
     500 kills unlocks emblem. Another armor peice
       1000 kills unlocks  nameplate.
       5000 unlocks exclusive coating and final armor peice that completes and entire set. 

This can be done for stuff like get x amount of Headshots as well.

Now PVE commendations copy the same as above but it’s kill x amount of this enemy type for example kill 200 grunt get s a grunt charm.

Tying specific emblems charms and armor sets to such challenges would promote further gameplay. The aotrefront should really just be the background noise of customizations. But not the main attraction.

Remember 343 purposely copied Fortnite and Anthems method of customization/ storefront… Honestly it was probay put together the last month before the early release . That design doesn’t scream 6 yrs of development.