The Commando Rifle Has Too Much RNG

In my opinion, the commando is unreliable. It honestly feels like I’m shooting blanks with that gun. The commando should be a strong contender up against the BR, but it has too much bloom. I think a mini rework should be considered. I’m thinking, keep the damage outputs the same, also keep the rate of fire the same, but make it projectile based with a fast enough speed and absolutely precise, removing all RNG and bloom altogether. This way, the commando becomes a skill shot weapon, controller users will be able to secure kills at ease and it’ll be a respectable skillful kill using this new version of the commando.


I agree. Sometimes it feels like you can consistently shoot with it, but other times you can’t.


I quite like it as an option now. I pick it up every game over my pistol or BR. The first 4 shots tend to be pretty accurate, so I find it to be pretty lethal when fired in bursts. However I don’t like how prevalent it is as a pick-up in quick play. It seems to be on more maps than the BR, and most people don’t know how to use it so they just ignore it.

I think a very slight reduction in bloom would be helpful, and if they have to offset that with a very slight reduction in damage then so be it. If they kept damage the same and reduced bloom, the weapon would be too good in my opinion. But I am not against rebalancing it a little.

Also, as a side note, I HATE the spawning of BR on one side of the map and commando on the other. BR team usually win the opening exchanges. Weapons should be the same on both sides of the map for balance

The VK78 Commando is supposed to have a select fire feature. I think they should add it. The alt fire would be a 2.0x scoped single tap precision shot. Considering they are already using the scope button for alt fires such as Heatwave and Hydra, they could keep it simple in that hip fire is full auto, scoped is single fire.

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Scrap the VK78 and bring the DMR

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That’s what I loved about the LightRifle. 3 shot burst when unscoped, zoom in, it is one powerful shot. Full Auto standard and singlefire zoomed in would be nice. Also damage needs to be bumped up ever so slightly.

I just can’t use that thing at all, at least not on a controller. It just sprays all over like a fire hose, I can’t get the hang of it. Spend plenty of time in the training range adjusting my settings but I just hate that gun.