The Commando nerf should be reverted or at least reduced

Speaking as one of the few Halo fans that doesn’t think the BR is the best thing since sliced bread, I was really hyped for the Commando and after playing for this last week I can say that in terms of game feel and sound design it’s really good. However, after that week of playing this game the Commando feels weak compared to it’s contemporaries. Namely the AR and BR.

The game presents the AR, BR, and Commando as weapons specialized in three ranges. AR is short to medium, BR is Medium, and Commando is Medium to Long. In regards to the Commando this is almost completely untrue. Almost because there is a point at a ridiculously long range where the BR cannot land all three shots on a standing Spartan at that range the Commando can be handily said to be better. At all other ranges the Commando looses out because it is an inherently inconsistent weapon. Even without the damage-nerf the commando has handicap after handicap placed upon it.

The commando has Bloom and so at mid range and beyond has to deal with feathering the trigger to keep the bullets landing on target. The Commando has Recoil so the player has to even at close range put some effort into keeping the gun under control and level. The Commando has ADS throttling so when not scoped in the bloom is even worse. The Commando has a relatively low fire rate so even a single miss can loose a significant fraction of a second often leading to death. The Commando has functionally no bullet magnetism so what would be a headshot with most other weapons is just a miss with this one. The BR on the other hand has none of these, and let’s be clear it shouldn’t. If the Commando had the damage it had before, these handicaps would be quite fair. With the nerf it makes it the worst of the three rifles, only good in the hands of aim-bots and the absolute best.

Small disclaimer: I enjoy the BR, the game proudly Labels the AR as the most consistent weapon in the game, and while there are few weapons more consistent than the AR there are no weapons more consistent than the BR. I’ve gotten more perfects with the BR than with any other weapon.


Yeah the Commando is terrible now. It was great in the flights. Its recoil is too wild to hold the trigger in close quarters and too wild at longer ranges when the target is smaller. Even firing 2-round bursts isn’t stable. The thing is a total joke now.

Yeah the commando is bad now, too much bloom and I rarely see people picking it up because the Ar is much more powerful

Maybe it should have received a slight rate of fire nerf instead of a damage nerf. This way it would still feel strong, but would force you to kill a touch slower. It would also help you conserve ammo in those small magazines.

I love the concept of the commando and it’s so satisfying getting kills with it. Countless times however I’ve headshotted an unshielded enemy which didn’t kill them. Either the first shot is random or the bloom is ridiculous if I missed my first shot. I’ve gotten perfects with it or have been totally wrecked by an AR at medium range althought seemingly landing most of my shots.

They need to tone down the bloom, reduce recoil or get rid of the change needing an extra shot to kill. Maybe a combination of those three things at various degrees.

I still really like the concept of the commando, but if there is a BR spawn close by I always will pick that.
The BR is trustworthy and very easy to use at all ranges (and at medium-long gifts you perfects without zooming due to the magnetism). It’s major disadvantage is CQB because missing a burst has a big impact on TTK, however it’s 2 burst + melee TTK is very similar to most CQB weapons.

The commando ofc has a chance at a better TTK but that’s mainly up close and the low magnetism, low aim assist, bloom and recoil make this very unlikely (or very sweaty) to achieve. At long range the bloom makes getting a headshot such a gamble that it’s better to focus on body shots.

If we compare these 2 to the stalker rifle things get even weirder in my opinion. It has a faster TTK then the unnerfed commando (and even the body shot TTK is still faster then the BR) and is only balanced with low aim assist and magnetism.

I can’t make much sense over the balance between these weapons.
We have an easy to use BR which’s aim assist and magnetism outclasses any other precision weapon at long range, the commando which they made so hard to use that a small % can use it to outsweat casuals at medium range and then we have the stalker rifle which in theory is better then both but has less spawns so is balanced?

I agree with this. I played the second flight and the Commando was a very good gun that makes me reminisce the DMR. However since trying it out on the public beta, it is severely lacking. I don’t even pick it up anymore and would rather rely on my AR + Sidekick. It’s not liable like it used to.

Nope. Everything needs a Buff, a powerful buff.

If I choose between the current 8-13 shots to kill and the previous 7-10, I prefer the way it is now. But I’d be ok with 8-11 or something like that.