The commando is too underpowered

I don’t get why 343 nerfed the commando. It has really high recoil and has a short clip. It takes about 10 shots to kill someone. I feel like those first 2 things I listed were good enough to make it balanced but the only reason I’m even using it in the first place is for a challenge(which is a whole nother forum post altogether) . The gun is too weak. If they wanted to make it take more shots I feel like it would be more appropriate to atleast make the clip bigger (maybe 40 shots?). I’m really loving the game so far gameplay and presentation wise. I hope the progression system gets fixed. When that does release I hope we go back to military ranks instead of the silly sr rank system. I have no motivation to level up a number as opposed to a title/ rank name if that makes any sense. Loving the game, just want some tweaks to the progression system and some of the guns.