The coming Number Rank

-All personal opinion, coming from the point of view of a competitive player and MLG fan. (I feel Halo 2 and 3 are by far the best in the series for multiplayer.)

Its already been confirmed that 343 is gonna incorporate a skill based number rank system, but why not into the game? It doesn’t take that long to rank up in the exp based system, so once people hit 130 there’s nothing left to motivate people to keep playing. A huge majority of the people on Halo 4, who are long time Halo fans, especially those in the competitive scene, really want to see a skill based, 1-50 number rank IN-GAME, not exclusively on Waypoint. Putting it only on Waypoint is almost an insult to the competitive players, making the rank mean absolutely nothing because we can’t see it grow and compare it in the game.

Now, playing devil’s advocate for a second, I can see that a visible number rank might make the causal players not want to play. Seeing a low number rank might make them feel like they’re bad and make them not want to play the game. Understandable, but that is why you split the playlists into Ranked and Casual, like they’ve done before.

What do you all think? Why not listen to the community and fans and bring back the elements of Halo that we want to see vs. building off Reach, the game that practically killed the series.

Again, its all my opinion, but I’d like to see what other fans think about the whole “we’ll give you a skill based ranking system, but you won’t be able to see it” approach.