The Coffee Cup Emblem

This is a petition to make sure that 343 keeps the “Cup of Death” in it’s emblem options. It is a big part of our community, and we would like to use it in Halo 4. Our site has a coffee theme to it and it would break our hearts to have to see it go away.

This will probably be irrelevant to many who read this, but not to all.
Thank you!

Im a no solicitor guy but I do support your cause. spartans need coffee too.

I like the Coffee emblem as well. I hope it makes a return.

coffee helped win the war against the covenant ( with the help of cupholders look here ) so i support this action to keep the cup of doom

there is no need to fear I was just watching gameplay from todays events. the guys were going over emblems and the coffee cup was one of them

End of this video they show all emblems.

> End of this video they show all emblems.

That is what I was looking for! I would hope all of those will come with the final version, time will tell.

Thank You for the link!

Coffee Emblem?? What about a Hot Coco Emblem??

No matter what you call it I would love to continue to use it, as it is my preferred emblem.

Thank You,
FC Elijah

It’s my Emblem too but I call it “The Mug of War!”

So does anyone know where I could get a high resolution cup of death image? I would really love to use it in my motorcycle helmet.

I miss the Mark of Shame personally.