The CoD-esque additions arent what bothers me

Seriously, the addition of sprint, loudouts, perks, ordinance, instant spawn, killcams, and all the rest of the CoD features doesn’t bother.

It’s the fact that these features replaced a lot of the old features and a lot of the old features were simply removed for no reason.

Right now, I have an itch to play a true Halo game. A real, true Halo game that fixes the issues of its predecessors and evolves on its own.

That game exists at Halo 4’s core. But too many features were removed and now the game seems like a shell of it’s former self.

Right now, at this exact moment, I’m in the mood for Team Slayer. I want to spawn with the same load out as everyone else, I want there to be set weapons on the map that spawn at set intervals, and I want there to be a 5 second spawn time with NO kill cam.

At the end of the match, I want to progress in rank if I win and lose rank if I lose. I want this data compiled into a 1-50 or some alternative system that can show you how much your skill is either improving or degrading compared to other players.

This gametype, Team Slayer, does not exist. And until it does, I will not be buying the season pass or any future DLC.

This is not entitlement. This is business. With a Halo game, there are certain aspects I expect to remain the same.

With the evolution and innovation that a new game brings, 343 should be trying to add additions to the gameplay that set it even farther apart from the rest of the mainstream games. Not adapt to be more like them.

I see your population is dwindling and will probably continue to do so until you add classic gametypes and bring the game back to its roots.

You should have focused on taking the game in a new direction rather than trying to become more like a modern shooter. I imagine that after 5 years of the same rehashed crap, many CoD players would enjoy a breath of fresh air more than a game that tries too hard to be like CoD.

So 343, you have 2 choices. Make more money, or make less money. The choice is yours.

I disagree. I’ve always hated weapon spawns going back to CE. It became a power weapon campfest at higher levels of play.

Now it’s more about a teams momentum and the how the other team goes about stopping it. There is more freedom to the maps, because you don’t have to camp Rockets cause they’ll be up in a few seconds.

Halo’s core for me has always been about precision weapons and being able to have a back and forth battle, which is still what it’s about, even more so than Reach or Halo 3.

I was SO terrified of load outs and ordinance, but the more I play the more I like it. Instead of hopeing for a BR/DMR start, I always have one. Instead of one team holding Rockets and snipes we all have a chance at that.

Old Halo where you sit with a timer to get weapon spawns was dumb.

Maybe you didn’t like it but do you think it is fair that there isn’t a single classic playlist at all?

Is it fair that everything competitive players loved about this game was removed?

I actually like infinity slayer. It is pretty fun since it is so hectic. I would never ask for its removal. But do I prefer it over classic slayer?

Not at all. Infinity slayer doesn’t reward skill thoughtful tactics. It rewards you for simply participating. That is great for casual players.

But us competitive players got completely shafted. Slayer pro is supposed to appeal to us but there is nothing appealing about it. It doesn’t have any classic elements. It is just a more stripped version of infinity slayer but still practically the same.