The Coatings in the Tenrai Event are for Weapons not for Armor

Kind of a let down really, feel like letting others know.


The Yoroi set not having basic colors is, frankly, unacceptable, and putting RED AND BLUE in the store is not only insulting, but downright scummy. Anti-consumerism at it’s finest.


Honestly, with seeing how you can apply armor coatings cross core with no issues due to the mask system, I’d be willing to bet money these weapon coatings would work with the armor cores if they let us equip them. But yeah, having no colors at all other than black is awful. I’m hoping one of the weeklies for the event will be a coating for the armor, but I won’t hold my breathe.

related note. PSA:
The ultimate reward coating for the tenrai event is not equippable on the yoroi armor core.
These restrictions are ridiculous