The Coalition Is Recruiting!

What is The Coalition?

The Coalition is a clan that welcome all types of competitive players from all different skill levels. On top of our dedicated teams we also manage and organize a sophisticated website where we post consistent clan updates and events for players to participate in. Clan activity includes gamenights, tournaments, and skirmishes occurring all throughout the week. In addition to playing with the clan, competitive players will find themselves formed into Fireteams. Fireteams are squad based teams that regularly practice every week to improve their competitive performance and develop essential team building skills needed for the whole team to succeed. These squads are typically managed by a squad leader that coordinate the team’s efforts into scheduled practice dates and keep up with the development of new strategies for the team to conduct during these practices.

Why join The Coalition?

Besides the squad aspect of our organization, we take pride in treating the entire clan as it were a brotherhood. The main demographic of players we seek out to recruit consist of mainly respectable folks who are both mature and cooperative. Quality over quantity is our motto when approaching new players whether on the forums or via online matchmaking. It doesn’t take much to become a committed member of The Coalition, and in only a couple of hours you will find yourself among one of our many active squads who will get to know you and welcome you to the clan. However your squad placement is only the beginning, you’ll be able to earn your way through our ranking system that will reward you for every effort you put into your unit, and all your contributions towards the clan will be fully recognized by your current rank. You will be able to win awards and medals as you continue participating in the many clan activities we have to offer, and for every successful victory you’re apart of you’ll be given ribbons that can be displayed on your profile for everyone to see. So join The Coalition today and start tallying up those kills!

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