What happened to them ?? I mean i loved playing Halo 1 on PC because of those maps!!! I would like to see some of them remade. Like"Gephyrophobia" or"Boarding Action"!!!
Does anyone else feel like 343i should bring back some of the classic maps??

If anything they would come back as forge remakes. But personally I would love to see actual remakes of them.

Unfortunately 343 has already proven to us that they are too lazy to make good maps, even if they are remakes (Truth, Regret, and Coliseum are the only maps they actually put some work into). They either all look the same or are forge maps from beta. New maps coming in with BTB! Oh, wait. Whaddaya know? They just hired just forgers to do it for them instead of making proper maps. If this is how they are going to be treating “free DLC” then H5 is -Yoinked!-.

I agree that 343i has never made a “classic” Halo style map themselves. This game is just a bunch of plastic/polymer looking Arena maps. I don’t mind a couple of those, but I don’t want the whole game to be designed around it. I just want unique settings that are memorable like Terminal, Headlong, Zanzibar, Midship, etc. Even if they have to make larger maps for BTB then use certain re-designed areas of those maps like Battlefield does for Slayer. I also think it was a bad idea that they flew those cartographers out to visit 343i then they basically got them to make almost all the BTB maps for them in Forge. I would have much rather saw all those maps actually remade with in-game graphics & texturing. The only decent one out of the first four is Basin. They also need to tweak those maps because the power weapons spawn way too often. Case in point, I was playing Basin last night & for some reason the Incineration Cannon was spawning once every minute because I timed it. I don’t know if the game was glitched out or what, but there’s too much too often on some of them. Headlong needs improvement too, the framerate drops sometimes & there’s just too much on that map or not how I remember the gameplay because they changed so much about. A Mantis & Spartan Laser…why? Why no beam rifle & two sets of Rockets? Overshield? Sword? No stairwell? C’mon, that’s not Headlong, that’s a fan’s take at Arena on a classic map that was made for Objective BTB style play, not Arena.

Also, in response to my previous post: I left out Plaza. Plaza seems to be ok in my book. As @xdigital17 mentioned above, I’m just tired of playing something that relies too much on the clamber system. Previous Halos required skillful jumps and map knowledge, but the majority of these is sort of a runaround and clamber route that yields little to no sightlines and makes the sniper less of a factor than it always has been and puts a lot more emphasis on the Rockets. When will 343 learn?

  1. Boarding Action was a bad map
  2. I plan on remaking Chill out, stay tuned
  3. I am in a clan about re-making forge maps, I’m sure Abstyler will remake Hang em High first chance he gets
  4. Midship has already been re created
  5. I know a lot of people are going to re make a ton of maps
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