the clan battle playlist

There should be one for official clan battles.
Basicly you register your clan make a passcode then go on reach, load up the playlist and play, its like arena cause theres a scoreboard a rankings your able to have personal clan battles which is 8v8 or 4v4 all you do is type in there clancode (which is a public passcode) and when all members are online for both clans it brings them together.
then theres public battle wich is 6v6 gametype all the same as invasion slayer thing with hills and weapon caches except one team isnt elites and so on your your prefered speceis.

PS:to all those who scream you anthem lolclans it just reminds people like me that your to lonely to like being with other people and have a motive to fight.

Just make it standard settings and I would be 100% for it.

6v6 seems like the best number. Just have all DMR start gameplay, a mix of objective and slaye(similar to squad battle), and add in a clan leaderboard.

I endorse the idea of ranked clan playlists as kind of another Arena playlist, but for more than just 4v4.

I think you should have user setting on the site. So you put preferred species and such. Then you change the settings of thematch so the gametype, the amount of players and the map. Then for that day you play with the settings you chose that day.


> lolclans

I know, clans never work because they are never supported in game.

> lolclans

This is not Don’t flame please.

maybe make a playlist that is 6v6 and you have to be a party of six to search (just like you cant be more than two people in double team)