The challenges this week are much better!

So as the title says, I’ve flicked through challenges this week and they’re much better, with new challenges that fit the system better and actually encourage players to do well in games instead of getting 10 kills with a certain weapon etc. Here’s a couple…

  • Earn cumulative player score in matches (2000)
  • Complete free for all PvP matches (5)
  • Win Ranked matches (2)
  • kill enemy Spartans in slayer (50)
  • Kill enemy Spartans in fiesta (50)
  • Complete any PvP matches (4)

All the other challenges I have are just to basically play or win games. For the first time since launch I don’t have to try and get a hold of a power weapon and get 10 kills etc or use a chopper which I’m not a fan of at all.

It’s a good step in the right direction, progression for me won’t be right until they add a match performance system, but we know they’re working on a overhaul for that. 343 get some serious flack, the games not perfect by any means. But they’re listening to us and implementing meaningful changes quickly. Thanks 343


Are you guys getting Fiesta and Slayer exclusive playlists on your screen it still hasn’t updated for me (12:34pn Est time) for me

Just wait people are still gonna complain about having to play fiesta, ranked, or ffa if they dont want to


Mine are some of the worst I have had. I much preferred kill 3 Warthogs to what I’m currently looking at.

Most are easy and kinda pointless, but there seem to be a bunch I’ve skipped in previous weeks.

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It’s a strange one for me (UK) I get challenge resets at 17:00 then my shop resets at 18:00. So I’m guessing we should have an update anytime now. Not sure though bud

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Maybe I got lucky this week then mate. I normally skip 5/6 challenges if I have swaps that is… this week I should be all good. You got some grindy ones?

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Step in the right direction. Curious to know what the ultimate challenge is since I believe they intended to tone that one down quite a bit.

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I don’t really see that changing challenges from tasks people might not want to do, to other tasks that people might not want to do, is ‘much better’.

Sure, these look to be more participation based than before, but if one hates FFA, playing 5 matches would be horrendous.

Still, all these get people are dresses, and frankly if you need some dress as a carrot to play a game…hahahaha!

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Not exactly grindy but 10 kills defending the zone, which I’ve found I really annoying to try and force. Some games I get like 6-7 and some games I get 0. I’d have to rinse big team for total control as I’m not sabotaging my teammates by trying to force it in Ranked Strongholds.

I suppose I’ll give it a few games then swap it if I don’t get close. The others are win Oddball games, not too bad but boring and long. The other is pulse carbine kills, I’ve skipped it before out of principle but I’ll probably just do it. It isn’t hard I just skip ones I don’t like.

But that being said why have I got 3 this week I have previously skipped. Not really cricket that.

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Yeah hopefully much easier. Think it was a couple of week ago I only got the weekend to play. Smashed all the challenges with a day to go, the ultimate was win 17 games. Safe to say I quit :rofl:

I was meaning the challenges I got this week where much better. Thought other players might of got easier, less grindy challenges too. Seems that’s not the case unfortunately. Agree with the rest though mate

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Yeah I’m not a fan of those ones either. They need to get rid of oddball, stronghold challenges etc, if we can’t actually choose the game mode I don’t think there should be challenges for it. Can take hours to get the mode you need… I think I used most my swaps on getting rid of the pulse carbine challenges, it’s absolutely useless in MP unless you’re a bot :rofl:

They definitely need to keep checking the data of players, if you’ve skipped a challenge numerous times and it keeps popping up that’s no good.

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Then last weeks was get 15 headshot kills that most people could complete in 1-3 games lol.

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I don’t like this weeks challenges at all. Way to much challenges where you have to win a x number matches. Especially for solo-players that is realy annoying, since beside the luck you need to have in who is in the oppo team, you also have to have luck you get skilled teammates who actually want to win as well…

And also they are annoying, because of this:
i first need to win a ranked match. But if i do that, my next one is probably to win 2 of them… That is already a bit repetative. And after that i got complete a ranked strongholds match. Luckily don’t have to win it, but prepare of doing a lot of matches just to get a strongholds match. And then i will get the challenge to win a ranked CTF match, so i first have to play a lot of matches just to get a ranked CTF match, and then have to be lucky enough to win it.

These challenges can easily take about 50 to 100 matches if you’re a bit unlucky… Especially since you always seem to get less of the gametype you need (last week i needed to play 3 oddball matches, but it took me about 20 matches before i got my first oddball match!)

I rather have to get 10 kills with a bulldog then to win a ranked CTF game.

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I like my challenges. They’re perfectly doable and not too tedious. I will give credit where credit is due. This is a good one.

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I hate them. Almost all of them require you to play specific playlists, most of which I hate to play.


I had the 10 bulldog kills last week and got it in 2 games. It’s heavenly compared to some of these.

Can someone explain to me, in which playlists I can play objective games? I thought there would be a objective only playlist?

Quickplay and BTB should include objective game types, anywhere else too? Which makes it still random to get a specific gametype for a specific challenge? Play endless matches of quickplay and wait till oddball or CTF appear?

But anyway, I think these changes are a step in the right direction. But only that, a step in the right direction. I don’t care how many awards they win and how great the critics are, this game is far from perfect for a full launch. I don’t mean to come of as rude or unthankful, but that’s how I feel about this game.

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Exactly! It took me a bit longer (i had that one too), because my teammates keep ‘stealing’ the bulldog :stuck_out_tongue:
But at least with the weapon kills you have almost full influence on that. Even if you get a crappy team, you can still grind the challenges. Now if you get a crappy team, you can’t win the match and can’t proceed with your challenges. For your grind is just a waist of time. Especially for people who don’t have lots of time to play this will get realy frustrating i guess.


That’s crap mate, looks like I got lucky this week then. The ranked wins will be the hardest definitely, I normally have a team, but I might not have time in the week to play ranked with them so I might have to skip too tbh. Just to clear it up, I think the challenge system being the only way to progress sucks. But I do think the challenges are getting better (slowly) see I’m glad people are commenting. I thought it was much better but clearly it isn’t for a lot of players… if you need a hand In ranked if he happy to try help mate