The Challenges need to be changed in the game now not later in a month!

I’ve been playing around 2 days to get my weekly reward but I’ve gotten stuck at the last challenge because of how difficult it is. The challenge is to get 5 killing sprees 5 times in fiesta. It may seem easy but when I play 90% of the match consists of players hiding around every corner with either a Gravity Hammer or an Energy Sword because there are no hard counters to them yet. To except me to get one let alone 5 is ridiculous. This is an obvious cash grab and they don’t even try to hide it. Having to play over and over again hoping to get an Energy sword is boring and extremely unrewarding because if a player with a SPKR sees you with it you are dead with no chance of avoiding it. Also the last challenge said it was the last one and when I completed it it just gave me another one. The thing that -Yoink!- me off is my last challenge was a pain to do because it required me to win 3 stronghold matches. It isn’t hard in terms of skill, it’s just very hard to find a strongholds match and win it let alone win it 3 times.

These challenges are so bad and annoying that I’m starting to think that 343 is trying to do the same strategy that a company I know does. Gaijin (The company that made War thunder) makes the game so frustrating and unrewarding to the point where people buy the items because they don’t want to waste the time doing the grind. This seems to be what 343 is trying to and if so I am just going to uninstall the game and never play another game made my 343 ever again.

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  1. Game fixes take time, be reasonable the devs are humans.
  2. The challenge is to get 5 separate killing sprees once.
  3. the counter to energy swords and grav hammers is distance
  4. You need to complete the weekly challenges to unlock the capstone challenge
  5. The Tenrai event tiers can’t be purchased, so they aren’t trying to get you to skip the grind.
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