The challenges are awful

Why did you go this route with challenges? Gears of war did the samething and everyone hated it. You don’t really give anyone a reason to play well for progression. It’s not fun having to focus on challenges instead of just playing how we want. Reach had the best system…. That’s my only real complaint… oh and the color pallet, you should follow anthems lead with that


Progression in most games is a myth, performance based progression is usually marginally faster than just existing.

This game is just more obvious that it isn’t going down that route, even though it’s almost the same. You progress.for finishing games, for playing.

Don’t need to do any challenges.

That isn’t true, in reach the better you did the more credits you received to but cosmetics. This, you have to grind through challenges instead of focusing on how you want to play if you want cosmetics

I don’t like Reach as an example as it was easily abused. Most the high ranked players just checkpoint scummed with he target locator.

There was also a daily exp cap.

Most? No. That would hardly happen especially since most maps didn’t even have that

Just look up how most Inheritors became Inheritors, it wasn’t through playing multiplayer. It was through using restart checkpoint. Awful progression system.

I was an inheritor. It was awesome because I earned it just by playing. That’s how most people got it