The Challenge system needs a bit of a rework

Ever since the fix to some of the challenges, it is so nice to finally be able to complete all the challenges after a grind. But it can be improved. For instance, unless we use a challenge swap, we have no control of what challenges we want to work on first. The majority of the time this leads to alot of going back and forth between playlists. For instance, today I had a a challenge where I had to get 3 kills with a fusion coil. Fair enough, i completed it. Only after I completed it, another challemge that came right after it ask me to get a kill with another fusion coil. If I had them both in my challenge inventory, I wouldnt have needed to rinse and repeat the challenge.

Also I honestly dont think another ultimate challenge is necessary after going through a grindfest of challenges before it. This whole challenge system is made to litterally keep us in the game for as long as possible, for the weong reasons. Ill play thebgame for as long as I want because I enjoy it, but when challenges get in the way of that, getring 5 killing sprees over and over again, its getting a bit much

It’s like the game’s other systems are begging us to stay and threatening desperate measures if we don’t, but the joke is that the gameplay is top-notch and very engaging

I will forever bemoan the existence of weekly ultimate challenges because they just encourage you to hard farm the game till you luck into clearing your weeklies or spend enough swaps to make it easy. The exact opposite of what they said the game would encourage you to do for “the working class” they supposedly acknowledged were playing this game. I don’t know about you but I don’t think Bob from accounting has the time to patiently pray for random vehicle spawns and pray his allies don’t take said vehicle.