The challenge system issues

Im pretty sure you guys are aware of the terrible challenge system. I just want to express my issues with it.

  1. the game specific challenges create frustration in halo infinite multiplayer because we can’t choose the game type. In addition, if we have to win in a specific game type, we have a 50% change of winning ( because of MMR) , not to mention the chance of getting the game type. This creates frustration and quitting in games.

2)challenge are the only real way of leveling up or the only real way of showing progress.

  1. once challenges are done there really is no incentive of playing infinite, unless you’re having fun with sweaty games ( assuming you have a high mmr).

  2. the challenges that require chance like example number 1. Another example would be killing a player from far away with a nade. It’s cool when we get them but supper stressful when we have to focus on that.

I think the way halo infinite was created with strict MMR, poor progressions and inconsistent leveling up in ranked you set up the game to be stressful with little room for fun in all parts of the game. Then again this could only be me.

This game could be fun, you just have to be better with your managing of the game and decisions. I really hope you guys can pull this of. I do see some positive changes, but they are coming too slow.

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I’m new to forums and have never been so frustrated with a game I would turn to them to figure out wtf is going on with this game. Idk how to post and im hoping I get replies. Im curious to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issues in multiplayer, grenades, rockets etc have multiple explosions but only the first initial explosion does damage. When getting shot I take cover but the effects and sounds of me getting shot are still taking place without damage. Armor, vehicles and other parts of the map keep blacking out. When I die and respawn the screen glitches out like im slipping into the matrix. The announcer and my AI repeat themselves in the least 4 times. The game pisses me off so much it makes me want to play call of duty!