The Case of the Missing XP

On Saturday night, I played for several hours to complete the monthly challenge. When I completed the challenge, I was less than 1000 XP away from level 50 them I stopped playing. Today I signed on and I was level 47 halfway to level 48. That is a lot of XP to lose, not to mention precious time. How do I get it back?

Give up smoking? You lose 11 minutes per cigarette if you give up now then you could get years back…

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Thanks for the tip. Any suggestions on how to recover the XP would also be appreciated.

No LOL. Unless 343 decide to have a look into their data for your account then you won’t get your EXP back, they generally don’t do this because they don’t care so.

No dice. Either keep playing to rank up or quit playing this atrocity they call Halo 4. Your choice.

Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks back with the 15,000XP from last months Challenge

Completed it, watched on screen as the 15,000XP was applied to my profile and it completed a specialisation for me. Quit back to the main menu then dashboarded

Next day I log back in, Im exactly 15,000 XP less then I was when I signed off, no longer with the specialisation completed by the challenge still saying completed

Xbox Support put it down to a synchronising issue between console and HALO 4 servers but could offer no advice on what to do and 343i people on Twitter and this site didnt even respond so, yeah…15,000 XP lost

Happily I am now SR130 so XP no longer is a factor and challenges pointless, but doubt you will get your missing XP back

Same thing happened to me with the monthly challenge - lost 30,000 XP I had reached level 29 after completing the challenge and I had equipped the armor that unlocks at that level. The next time I played I was back at level 27 and the armor had become locked again. The monthly challenge still shows as completed. Very annoying.

The max amount of XP you might have lost can’t be more than 100,000. If that takes you less than a week to regain, you’re doing something wrong. It only takes 3.8 million points to get from SR1 to SR130.

Ah Spartan Ops with fast track mod is where the experience is at.You can get to 130 in about 2 weeks, but boredom is your enemy…and stupid people.You will get about 9000 exp on a average of 5 minutes on a fast chapter.The campaign challenge experience is laughable, especially with the skulls that have you do it with.

I experienced the same thing and I have a video to prove it.

Someone at 343 should give me my 30000 XP back!

I saw something similar, but it didnt include any challenges. I played through to level 80, and purposely neglected to pick a new specialization at 80. I played about 50k xp counting toward nothing. I wanted to pick a new specialization and then see if it immediately granted me all the banked xp.

Then didnt play for almost 2 weeks straight and signed on today to see than my account is at 17k into level 78. Thats got to be around 150k of xp ive lost. How does this happen?

Is there no way to at least get the leveling back?

So far no one has even attempted to correct this error although it’s pretty obvious from my video that something went wrong.
I’m not very happy with the situation, but it could have been much worse. That being said, there is still no excuse for them to disregard this issue completely without attempting to reimburse the players. :frowning: