The Carbine Does Not Fill the Niche the DMR Left

It’s too weak to fire semi auto, it’s bloom kicks in way too fast thus hurting subsequent shots to make up for the lack of damage, and there’s not much in the mag so close quarters is a no. I just want another semi auto rifle option in Halo again. Discuss.


It would use a buff somewhere in that department. A straight damage buff would be too much though.

Well so was the original DMR. We were spoiled with the H4/H5 DMR honestly.

Much like the original DMR (and not the OP H4/H5 variant) it wasn’t/isn’t meant to fit a close quarters niche.


I don’t think the carbine was meant to fill the dmr’s void. That would be either the BR or the commando.

The pulse carbine is a cross between a storm rifle and a BR.


I think they’re talking about the commando from the sound of it


The Commando is one of my favorite weapons, no joke. Once you get the hang of it it’s both satisfying and efficient.

Last spartan standing is a good example, if I can ever make it to the commando tier with a life left I almost always win the game because I shred people with it


As others have said, the Pulse Carbine absolutely wasn’t ever intended to fill the niche the DMR did.

Assuming you’re talking about the Commando, though, I don’t think it was supposed to, either. It’s going for a new and different thing than the DMR ever did. To me, the Stalker Rifle feels much more akin to the DMR role- with a few tradeoffs (increased damage per hit at the expense of overheating quickly if fired in quick succession).

I’m not in love with the Commando either, don’t get me wrong- I don’t hate it but it doesn’t feel very useful in PvP. Definitely needs some additional tweaking.

Would also love to have the DMR back. This is why the arguments for sandbox purity suck… sometimes it’s just fun to have different guns, I love the BR AND the Commando AND the DMR. Sure, they serve similar purposes, but they are each unique and fun in their own ways.

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I uh… definitely meant Commando, not Carbine. Woops…


Though the Carbine could use a buff, projectile speed it way too slow.

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Nor is it meant to. It isn’t a DMR and you genuinely shouldn’t use it like one.

However, I agree that a semi-auto rifle would be great.

The Commando isn’t a very good weapon, but if it is used correctly it CAN provide a kill faster than a Battle Rifle OR Assault Rifle. It is an extremely high effort, high skill, high reward weapon - but the execution necessary is leagues above any other precision weapon in the game.

To put it bluntly, it is brutal to use and be good with, and will get you two kills max out of a magazine.

The Commando and Ravager are my two favorite weapons in Infinite.

You can absolutely melt people with the Commando in close-mid range, and it’s precise enough to offer long range fire support.

The biggest problem people have with it is that they don’t know how to use it properly. If you fire in 2-4 shot bursts you retain your accuracy without losing too much dps.

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My issue is that it has a full-auto function that’s completely worthless.

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I wouldn’t say it’s worthless, but if I’m 100% honest it’s a hard point to counter. I almost never use it full auto. If I’m ever in a situation that would warrant it, I usually swap weapons.

I guess you could get some rando SWAT headshots with full-auto

My thing is, it performs almost exactly like the Modern Warfare AK-47, which was my favorite gun and the one I used by far the most. So it’s just a natural transition. You want a perfect? Aim for the sternum and let the recoil do the rest of the work for you

That’s right, because the Commando is filling the niche of the Covenant Carbine, not the DMR. Both are high fire rate precision weapons that deal less individual shots but fires faster, essentially making it a very accessible precision weapon for lesser skilled players.

The DMR is however, more or less succeeded by the Stalker Rifle which features same shots to kill as the DMR (5) if all shots are body shots, but is marginally more powerful when used to headshot at only 3 shots to kill.

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i picked up a Rapidfire Pulse Carbine from a Vault on Fragmentation, and oh my god. it was disgusting. it absolutely annihilates people. it’s incredible.

The Stalker is more the DMR replacement in this game. The Commando is a mid range rifle, that can deal with long range targets in a pinch. But is far from designed for long range play.

The Stalker is the most effective long range rifle that isn’t truly a power weapon. And like the DMR, with skill it can be used at closer ranges if necessary, but isn’t designed to perform well at that range consistently without tons of practice.

I just want to pitch this. But wouldn’t it be better if the Stalker was rhe Needle Rifle instead? Like have it perform exactly the same way the Stalker does now, except it supercombines on 5 body shots. As it stands now the Stalker Rifle really feels like it has no excuse to exist.


Just increase the damage and decrease the firerate on the commando, give it the Halo Infinite BR scope and you got DMR

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lol, is like saying : oh men the disruptor Does Not Fill the Niche the Prophets bane Left