The Canned death animations are killing it

The Brutes just simply aren’t fun to fight. Shooting them results in them dying in one of 3 exact same ways each time.

It gets real old really fast. I’m not sure why you guys did away the amazing physics from Halo 5 but after 6 years this is just disappointing that the game feels so stripped back.

I commend 343 for all the things they did right with this game. You can see a lot of hard work went into it. Not sure who’s in charge over there at 343 but im so sick of games feeling like they’re going backwards instead of forwards.

I honestly think I’m done with Halo. I can’t take any more disappointment. 3 times now each of the new Halo games have ended up being a disappointment. Each for different reasons.

They should’ve bought Halo 5 to PC FULLY.

They should’ve finished the reclaimer sage

They should’ve stayed on Halo 5s system. Literally everything is better on there. The slide. The animations. The sounds. Everything is much cleaner, tighter and more crisp in halo 5. Honestly Halo 5 should’ve been expanded upon. Not a whole new game.