The campaign mechanic

343 you guys have made an awesome campaign I believe you guys put your heart and soul into this game I really love the squad commands please keep it in halo 6!!

A faithful spartan ChaoticTrinity

The big problem, though, is that the AI sometimes don’t ever listen! They won’t move to where you tell them, or they will drop a weapon you wanted them to have! It gets frustrating to deal with the squadmates after a while.

While I strongly disagree that this was an awesome campaign, I’ll leave that issue be as it isn’t really the subject of this post.

The squad command system, while cool, needs a ton of improvement. The AIs were useless. I get that you can’t make them godlike because it makes the campaign way too easy, but at the same time they’re supposed to be Spartans and yet all they can do is soak up bullets. They often were incapable of doing what they’re told. When commanded to attack targets they sometimes simply sprint into the open towards the target to get up close, inevitably going down in the process (this was especially apparent on legendary when they drop like flies). Even Linda, equipped with a sniper rifle, frequently would bum rush enemies when I commanded an attack. The only time I ended up using squad commands by the end of my legendary playthrough was to force them to revive one another so that I always had a full group to revive me if I went down. And speaking of reviving, that was another big issue. There were several times when I went down and requested help only to be ignored. That was always extraordinarily frustrating.

So overall, I do agree that the squad command system is super cool! I just think by the next game it needs a lot of fixing.