The Campaign Is Now Free

I was going to uninstall Halo Infinite until I noticed that installing the campaign was an option. I did not buy the campaign, so being able to install it is odd. I don’t mind it of course. Just so surprised.


Do you have gamepass?


No, I don’t have Game Pass.


Problably just 343 making the game free so more players play the online multiplayer seeing the campaign pretty good.

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No its not. OP is full of it.

Just checked this on xbox myself

You still can’t play it unless you buy it


Microsoft changed how purchasing games works. They will allow you to “install” games without purchasing them. But you will need to purchase them to actually play them.

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What??? How? I’ll show proof.

I was wrong. Why did they call it that then?

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Bro I just bought the MCC (for $15) and started reach only to find out the subtitles are cutscene only like wthhhh
and you can’t change it to hold to zoom.
def not the remaster I was expecting, but I guess this is just native reach.

Little Squash explained it above. MS are tricky little critters

You can download some games even if you haven’t bought them yet like through the Xbox app but when you try to launch it will say disc required or something along the lines of that. The campaign is not free and probably never will be.

It’s not free. You have the option to install the campaign when you download Halo Infinite.