The BrotherHood Of God is Recruiting!

/Brotherhood Of God: Data Base
The BrotherHood of God is lead by six Dragon Kings, Brother Ikelos, Brother Ornsten, Brother WarPig, Blaze54098, Brother MJ16, and Father Prophet! We are a militarized, hybrid organization.
Our clans brith was on December 17th 2004, on Halo 2. Our founding father, Primus created this clan and intended for it to be a place of happiness and brotherhood. After four years of leading us, life called and he moved on, nevertheless, his legacy was passed down to another man, a man who would merge his legacy with Primus, that man was Brother Dova, who later became known as Father Prophet. He lead the Brotherhood through countless battles and bestowed great leadership, and friendship to everyone, and damnation to those who would corrupt the peace.
We are looking for team players, and new players. All Players are basically welcomed We are willing to train new players. We are semi strict and serious clan.
For more Info Contact me on halo waypoint on message one of the six leaders on Xbox which are Father Prophet Brother MJ16 Brother WarPig Blaze54098 and Brother Ikelos. Thank you for your time and a have a good day.

Km ir a unirse a la compañía apartan
Espero ser un buen hermano apartan de barbecho y el profeta padre para ser un gran jugador
El respecting the rules.

thanks father prophet

Message me at TD Starscream 7

HI guys
I’m in the company?
beacuse i dont know how enjoy.haha