The bridge between Aliens and Halo

As some of the deeper Halo followers will know, Halo has taken a number of designs and ideas from the corner stone of science fiction, Aliens (not unlike most other sci-fi movies and games).

The Elites- Several of the art directors have admitted to using the shape of the Alien to create our less acidic, four mandible friends. WORT WORT WORT

The Pelican- Pretty much taken directly from the Weyland-Yutani drop ship, seen in Aliens

The Flood-While not entirely based around the Xenomorph, both the rank-based hive mind, and the means of spreading have fairly close similarities. Minus the chest bursters.

UNSC Ships-Again, key similarities from the Sulaco can be seen in almost all UNSC ships. Better check for eggs from now on.

MA5 Assault Rifle-Taking on the ever familiar Pulse Rifle’s ammo counter, the MA5 is just as recognizable. AKA The Thompson brothers.

Marines-Just as lively and juicy, the UNSC Marines are desined


<strong>*This is the part that might require some deeper Alien knowledge</strong>

Precursors/Forerunners-The idea of an ancient alien race that just suddenly seems to die off is not exclusive to Halo. In fact, the Aliens franchise has had it all along. They are known as the Engineers, and are believed to have created humanity, just as the precursors are.


The Engineer from the Aliens franchise have an Unknown desire to kill the humans, in Prometheus, as do the Precursors. It bares some similar qualities to how the Forerunners are described(Pale gray to pink, tall, little to no hair). The Engineers created a super weapon, the Xenomorph, as the Precursors created the Flood. The devils! How dare they!?

The Time-Both franchises are currently held around the 26th century, and use fairly similar technology, aside from slipspace.

The Factions- Even though humanity knows little about them, they still fight against the Predators from time to time. They have a community similar to the Elites, almost entirely warrior based, but can be more vicious than most Brutes. Since we don’t know everything about the Covenant, who’s to say there aren’t any Predators their in the mix.


Given all the details and similarities between the two, I can see a crossover in the future. That, or have Ridley Scott and James Cameron co-op to make the Halo film. ;D
final edit: Arnold Schwarzenegger for Maghstah Cheefinator


Halo doesn’t need worms shooting through Spartan’s chests.

> No.
> Halo doesn’t need worms shooting through Spartan’s chests.

Did you even read the post the guy made?

On topic, Aliens is hardcore. I think Halo could borrow some cues from it. Stop with the funny grunts, unless you activate a skull. Other than that, make things scarier. I can’t wait for Halo 5 I guess, since they say it’ll be darker…

Here’s all you’re getting.

> Here’s all you’re getting.

I need new underwear…

Well, if master chief has a forerunner gun…