The Breaking achievements

Hey guys Im looking to finish out the halo 5 achievements. Ones i have left to do are:

All intel
All skulls
Savior (keep 6 minors alive at elevator on Evacuation on Heroic)
Kraken Lackin’ (not shooting any turrets on the Kraken on Enemy Lines)
Emergency Boarding Procedure (Escape the Kraken by jumping on a phaeton controlled by another spartan)
Harbinger (Complete The Breaking on Legendary without the entire fireteam dying)
Prison Break (kill 2 wardens simultaneously on the Breaking)
All for One (complete coop on heroic or higher difficulty) - I got 3 missions left to do for this
I would really like to get the breaking achievements out of the way anyone interested

Hopefully some people will want to help out

I need only 8 lvls left in coop, 3 are the simple walk around ones. Gt blazing hellion
The last chivo I need too.