The BR is great, but the DMR is also a great weapon.

I think the DMR’s soul purpose was to provide some way of competing with the sniper rifle’s range. If the DMR and the BR were to be turned against each other in a perfect world at long range, the DMR would win out (no bloom). I think the DMR is a great weapon, it kills fast on the zero bloom play-lists, looks and sounds great. I love that the BR is coming back, but it is not effective at long range. Shooting a sniper on sand trap with the BR from the other side of the map was very ineffective unless the sniper was still. The DMR gives players a fighting chance at long ranges. I wouldn’t be dissapointed at all if the DMR and BR were to come back, as long as the BR rivalled the DMR at medium ranges. The BR is meant to be effective at medium range like it’s always been. If the DMR isn’t coming back (I have a feeling it won’t) then I’m sure we will have another human (or non-human) rifle with range that can compete with a sniper.

I think a lot of people liked the BR better than the DMR because of bloom. Bloom threw everyone off and it made the DMR ineffective at times. Now that the zero bloom play-lists have come out people are starting to realize what a great weapon it actually is. Just my thoughts.