The BR is a N00B Weapon...

Essentially, it’s trash. A useless, no-skill weapon that nobody will even glance at.
Let me break it down for you.

The current BR has insane magnetism at closer ranges, (almost Halo 4 levels) but practically none at long range. Couple that with it’s low accuracy and slow rate of fire, (the shots in the burst are spread further apart) and you’ve got a gun that should only be used at same range as Halo 5’s AR, maybe a little further if you’re bold. The big spread makes hitting your target easier, but hitting your target accurately impossible, until the magnetism kicks in, and you’re spraying down players with ease.
Unfortunately, it’s time-to-kill is really slow, even with a perfect kill (all headshots) you’ll still kill slower than the Magnum, AR, Carbine, and DMR. Except with those weapons, you actually have some range. With the BR, you have none.
In short, the BR has become what the AR used to be; a no-skill, spray-and-pray gun that is only good at close range.

That isn’t what the BR should be. Here’s why.
People like having their skills rewarded. Getting a perfect kill with a Magnum feels so damn good because it’s hard to do. Getting a perfect kill with the BR means you were close to your target, nothing more. Any perfect kills at range are just luck, or your target not strafing. Essentially, the BR ignores your skill in favor of being more effective at close range. People hate that type of balancing, which is why nobody liked the AR in Halo 5 until they made it a more precise weapon, increasing it’s skill factor.

To fix the BR, make precision shooting more rewarding, instead of rewarding BR spam.

Please use the pinned Weapons Tuning discussion thread in the Halo 5 subforum for feedback on the tuned weapons.