The Bottom Line

As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed Halo 4 thus far, I must say it’s disheartening to see these forums flooded with so much hate and immaturity. And while I know that there’s no hope in quelling the drama, that only the very few will listen, I want to at least make one thing to clear to the community before it descends further into this downward spiral…

If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. If you DO like the game, then DO play it.

But no matter what side of the spectrum you stand on, no matter the nature and extent of your experiences, DO NOT EVER try to tell other people what Halo is, or what it means to be a Halo fan.

Halo can be whatever it wants to be, no matter what you think it should be, because it doesn’t exist for you alone. It exists for everyone, and everyone has a different opinion of what Halo means to them–whether it be in terms of story, multiplayer, gameplay style, etc. etc. etc.

That’s the marvelous thing about this franchise and this community. We argue and belittle each other for identifying with hardcores or identifying with casuals, but at the end of the day neither side is correct. What makes Halo fun is the subjectivity of it, the fact that it can be so diverse that literally anyone and everyone will enjoy it or hate it in a different way. That, to me, is what Halo is all about, and I have to accept that while things might change from time to time, someone somewhere is going to get something positive out of it. For me personally, Halo 4 rests firmly in the positive.

So the bottom line is, if you want to be disappointed, that’s perfectly okay. Go ahead and be disappointed. But don’t push your views on others as if you expect everyone to feel the same way.

It’s like this. You say “you don’t have to play the game if you don’t want to”. Well, you don’t have to read peoples gripes with the game if you don’t want to. The forums are here for expressing your opinion. Nobody is forcing their opinion on others, but you are by telling people not to express their opinions. I don’t see many people being immature when they’re giving their opinions on here honestly. I’ve been posting today and it’s been a mature discourse.

Don’t let people with opposing views/preferences bother you.

Would it really be any better if every post was, “I love this game”. That’s not an interesting discussion at all IMO.

While it is sad that the forums are full of complaints, the truth of it is that the people that really love the game don’t post here much. They’re online enjoying themselves.

I check back for -Yoink- and giggles but I ignore the trolls/ranters because at the end of the day their opinion means nothing to me. I love the game and that’s all that matters. Cheers.

wtf your a moron if you say you dont have to play the game if you dont want to we paid good money for this.Every one was expecting a halo game when we got this not cod.Yes i did stop playing i went back to reach ill finisf the single player thats it untill they fix the multiplayer.This will be the most traded in halo ever and watch how fast it drops of the charts from xbox live.

You’re all missing the point.

I’m not saying that opposing views bother me, because they don’t. Everyone has their own opinion, and if you want to hate the game, go right ahead and hate it. What bothers me is when people try to tell others what Halo is supposed to be as if there’s a definitive answer. Opinions are not facts. It’s immature and invalidating, and it happens no matter where you look.