The Blood of War

The Blood of War is a clan(Originally Spartan Warriors) on Halo 4. Our activities are beginning soon. May as well get you up-to-date on our Bases in Progress.

Training Bases:

Firebase Shard
Firebase Terra
Firebase Noble
Firebase Corrode

Questions? We got your answers!

What is a Firebase? Why is it important?
A Firebase is one of our strongholds under risk, it is important to keep them standing because they carry information.

How do you get into a division, e.g. Phantoms?
It requires training and a leader’s approval. You will start out in the Marauder’s group, If you want to go into the Phantoms group, you will need to show me you are qualified.

How do I become an Elite rank?
Elite is reserved for members who have contributed greatly. It isn’t a rank, it is a privilege. If you are a solider, Elite isn’t a new rank, you still stay solider, but you have the honor of granting a weapon of your choice on the Hall of the Valiant.

What are the clan colors, emblem, etc?
Currently our emblem is under debate, but the colors are Steel and Brick. I myself haven’t changed yet. It is taking a while so for now, members get a free pass.

If I am a Ward Officer, how do I know who I command?
Ward Officers get squads of soldiers who fit them. Your soldier’s skill is based on your squad number, if you are on squad 6, you will get soldiers with the skill of 6.

Since the other thread is being closed down here is the old info to everybody…

Field Masters:
Field Masters lead the clan. There are only three Field Masters each leading a different Divisions.

Clashers are the best of the best who assist the Field Masters and command Commissions.

Ward Officers:
Ward Officers are the specialized commanders who are in charge of small teams of Warriors and Soldiers.

Warriors are the Corporals of the Squads assisting Ward Officers with jobs like demolition and breaches.

The Standard infantry, they are often the front of the assault wielding common arms.


Dealing with close quarters attacks they often wield energy swords and scattershots, but use whatever is available.

Stationed in the shadows providing support and stealth, they often use Binary Rifles and Snipers.

Marauders are the up-front assailants using Assault Rifles and Suppressors.