The Bloo plauge

Join the Bloo plague and say that i recruited you in the request. Universaleader
We are a fun clan and need more company members so we can then grow even bigger!!!

We are also gonna start up more custom games. Generally on sundays.
This may include slayer skirmishes as well as fun games like reaper.
We also have an original game called super sayain which is played on the map namik.
bloo plague

If Bloo Plague wants to join up with Heavenly Sword III, we’d be more than happy to share our Achilles progress with you and make you part of the community! We also have plenty of events which include a Throwback Competitive Customs tournament and a more casual Custom Games night weekly. Consider it and message me if your leaders are interested!

I appriciate your offer. We have been offered this many times before. The progress we have made towards the armour set has come a long way. Our main goal isn’t to obtain the armour set. Our goal is to have a community where we simply get online and there are some friendly players to play with. People who won’t quit out of games when we’re losing or when an unfavorable map comes up.
The armour will come in time. We all types of players ranging from 360, social, competitive and even creative. I generally think the armour ruined alot of chances to build the group were going for. I’ve already lost many players to “we need achilles” clans.

Edit: we also support spanish speaking players. Although not many players speak spanish. I can point any one who speaks spanish to those players. Including myself.