The blight on the community

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Greetings all community and clan leaders
My name is Sam Wolf. I come to you for your advice aswell as your suport. There is a member on here. A cancer to the community making us all look bad.
The person’s goes by the name of “<mark>REDACTED</mark>”. Now this individual has come to me. And has questioned and shouted me about why I wasent talking to someone. And I told him “that’s my choice to make not yours… Its not him it’s his -Yoink- freidns and I don’t want to be a part of that” then he proceeds to argue with me because I didn’t want to talk to someone…gere comes the funny part… He says after alot if shouting and swearing “that’s it your out of the clan” (please note I’m the leader) and I turned around and said… “what?.. You can’t kick me out of my clan… I’m the leader… You just made me lose brain cells” he proceeds to say that he has freinds that can do it… Bear in mind that we run a Disscord, a Spartan company and a club all on xbox… Then he left the party and starts texting in the Disscord. And then he tells me that the individual who I didn’t want to talk to isn’t freinds with the anymore. So I got angry and I said. Where was this info 15 minutes ago… Then it was followed by swearing on both sides… Then I said… “let me get this straight…your gonna hack me and cause me bother”… (even though he sounded like it by saying “ill get you kicked out of your clan and I have freinds that can do it”) and he’s gonna “talk to the community about my actions”. He can… But its a death sentence for him because once they find out the reason there gonna be like… Bruh… People like this make the comunity look bad… Were all fans and here to have fun but these people are cancer on the community … So what’s your guys opinions

This is middle school drama. Who cares.

Well for starters you can’t call people out on Waypoint, its against the rules. And really what’s the big deal here? You had an argument with someone, that’s not cause for a post on Waypoint.