The Black List is Now Recruiting!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Black List! An organization that treats it’s members as part of a team. Everyone will feel welcome because there is a place for you in this clan. Depending on what you think is right for you, you will try out for a bloodwork. There are four bloodworks.

Super Soldiers:
They put the Brute in Brutality. These soldiers use basic weaponry to take down their opponents.
They use assault rifles, Supressors and storm rifles to silence their enemies. Super soldiers were
injecte witha syrum that inhances their strenth, jump height, speed and brains. They arent just strong
in fighting but planning as well.

Geurilla Forces:
These soldiers were specially trained to use the technology on the battlefield to their advantage.
They are the best at driving vehicles and using a variety of armor abilities. Geurilla forces are also trained
with the shotguns, grenades and turrets. They are truly a force to watch out for.

Covert Operations:
These stealthy assassins like to use their environment to hide themselves. They wait for the perfect moment
strike and take the shot. These assassins like to use Covenant carbines, BR, DMR ad light rifles to their
advantage. Their main armour ability would be active camoflauge or hologram to fool their enemies.

Support Team:
These helpful soldiers aid their teammates. They help a friend when needed. Often seen as a nice person
with a good personality, The Support Team sticks with other blood works to make sure they don’t die. They
also use basic weaponry and their armour ability is the regeneration field.

If you are interested in joining The Black List. Message me, NinjaTabii, On xbox live. A clan website is in the making! We also have a Military style ranking.

P.S. Yes I am the same person who was running The Genus Project but I didn’t see that leading anywhere. So I have made a new clan with completely new rules and everything!

We now have a website up and running!

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