The biggest problem in Last Spartan Standing

Once its a 1v1 and the circle is really close, whoever just dies spawns outside of the circle losing hp already. It also becomes predictable too. Had a good 4 lives against someone with one but because it was so close, his shotgun hits were a single/two hits over me 3.

That has the be the actual main issue of the mode. Spawning out the ring with a huge disadvantage.

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Shoot dude I think that was me in that last game with you……I’m sorry lol the spawns become way to predictable at the end

I think the biggest issue with LSS is the dropping of camo and overshield. The 1 v 1 just devolves into whoever has overshield. Makes the game a lot less skill based and just on luck of spawn by a drop based. The drops need to be removed permanently. Also kill circle should start sooner, the map is too big for 12 people since everyone is just camping in a corner and there are no actual battles going on with many players.