The biggest misstep

Usually I don’t comment much but I can’t stand to let mine and many others feelings be seen as the vocal minority. This game seems to have been so poorly managed from its inception. It’s not surprising to hear 343 show a prioritisation to competitive play, they are blinded to what attracted the majority of people to this franchise (co-op including couch, campaign replay-ability, casual play, a sandbox prioritised on fun rather than every part of it being so balanced). The ultimate nail in the coffin is how long the community has and will be waiting for forge and a custom games browser, if those were there a launch the game would be in such a different state as the community would be more able to better the game (maps, modes, avenues for sub-communities to form) than rely on 343 to provide content. It is the biggest misstep. Waiting nearly a year and a half post launch to reach this has dammed this game. Shame, this game could have been so much more.

This is me being constructive. This is where resources and attention need to be poured.


I don’t say it enough, but props do need to be given to the teams working on these features. Management should be the ones taking the brunt of this, they’re the ones that can’t stop mucking up these games every single launch.

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Being over ambitious is probably the biggest problem with this game. Trying to do everything, while not having the resources or power to actually pull it off.

That is totally on management. Management makes those decisions and they have failed to focus the development. With no clear direction, this game is just a mess.

While I largely agree in principle, the sooner forge is out the sooner the community can take over their job and that has to happen ASAP. The second part of that is the bigger problem, if forge does launch hard and miraculously players flock back that would actually be the most devastating outcome. Theese players are returning on the hopes of a finished product esque gameplay and desync will ensure that does not happen. So now you recaptured this big audience great, but with desync as king they will be leaving again very soon and they wont be returning this time.

This was true, but I dont think it can be applied that way anymore. They now HAVE to shelve everything, every update every event, until desync is resolved and then lean into getting those event runs to draw players back. No matter what, we all lose except 343I management. They finally get to be free of this burdensome franchise, just wish the franchise would have survived their exit.