The Biggest Halo 5 Hater

<mark>Do not flame/attack others or call out individuals.</mark>

This is the channel of the biggest halo 5 hater a channel that he puts his time in to making videos of him bashing halo 5 and the whole community saying that we are all idiots and morons that are going to buy the game not only that he made a video about me I comment on one of his video saying that the MMC is fixed which it is in my opinion tell me what you think is it fixed for you This is his channel <mark>Link Redacted by Monitor</mark> tell me what you think about this kid.

<mark>Do not call out individuals.</mark>

Idk I thought <mark>REDACTED</mark> was the biggest hater

<mark>Do not flame/attack others.</mark>

He is a -Yoinking!- idiot. I don’t care if people who dislike halo have reasonable opinions or don’t force them on others (e.g favyn. He doesn’t like halo 5 but he has reasonable opinions and he doesn’t force it on you) but this guy does both and he does nothing but respond negatively to people who like it. Half the “reasons” he has either make no sense, wrong or something no one cares about. He says halo rips off cod because of similar controls. But by his logic halo is also ripping off sonic the hedgehog. Why? Because in sonic you press A to jump and B to crouch. So by his logic halo is ripping off sonic. That makes no sense. Even if it was true, Who cares? It’s just game controls.
Sorry, if this post sounds aggresive but I hate him. If a moderator finds this offensive or non-constructive. I’m sorry

This thread is dumb. “Look everyone its a guy I dont like, watch my video calling him dumb, amirite guys?”

If you don’t agree with him then don’t watch his videos. Problem solved.