The Big Problem with Forge Hopium

I don’t want to monkey the wrenches any more than people already have, but every halo content creator is trying their hearts out to keep hope alive for the game by saying Forge will singlehandedly save it from itself.

And I’m not positive that’s the case. Sure a healthy uptick will happen, but if you can’t share the content, search for customs in some kind of browser, and play forged content in the multiplayer itself right off the bat, it won’t make the impact they’re saying.

Being able to use a forge mode is great, but only a select few are even GOOD at forging maps. I tried my hand at it in H3 and Reach and it’s pretty hard. I never could get a handle on it despite spending a good amount of time making some maps for friends to play on LAN etc. Mostly I just used it to test glitches and analyze spawns and weapon timers etc.

The latter thing I mentioned is probably the most significant part the general population can utilize. Being able to more accurately test things for competitive purposes is a big deal. I see that being huge…

But only for a small population of competitive minded people.

My point is, we that still play the game should be trying to market it to friends and newcomers as an imperfect game with enough good aspects to make it playable. But it seems disingenuous to try and force hopium by saying forge will bring back a huge player base.