The Big New Awesome ForgeWorld thread.

Hello Halo/forge guys/dudes/dudettes

For the past couple of weeks i have bumped in the new forgeworld thread on

I thought that i’d just resurrect it now by making a new thread.

For all people that dont know what i’m talking about: This little link.

Now this thread will feature a ForgeWorld template.

To explain this further: I am making a new map diorama thing.

I glued and screwed 2 multiplex plates together and drew a scaled version of the whole forgeworld map.

I made a photo of it from above, and i’m going to post in in this thread:
ForgeWorld Template

There you have it folks.

Now you might think: “MindYourOwnCake, what do you want us to do with it?”.
well folks, I want YOU to use your epic ms paint skills to draw out on this template what you want the new forgeworld map to look.

After useing your “Epic Skills”, post your take on the new forgeworld map right here, and after enough entries i will try to create a mix up of all your map ideas in to this diorama and post it, then after your opinion, send a picture to 343 industries.

So folks, start your creativity.




That Link has a really good idea

I’m going to use STANDARD paint cause I’m in just that hardcore!
I’ll do it tomorrow if I can!


Unfortunately, I believe most of the launch maps are already locked in, but I’m sure such a dedicated effort would not go unnoticed and, who knows, there’s always DLC! Good luck you with your project, you skills already far exceed mine in these things.