The Betrayal system in Flood

I was playing the game mode “Flood” with some friends,
I was a Spartan, and there was a random team mate next to me…
2 of the infected people came out of no-where and were aiming to infect my team mate, so I pulled out my shot gun and attempted to kill one of the flood so my team mate had a chance, I shot at one and it turns out I liked my team mate and then i got infected, 3 seconds later I get booted for betraying my team mate when in fact i saved him for bring infected? so why is the boot system so bad I saved my team mate and yet I get booted?

BRING BACK the original betrayal system where you could betray as many people as much because this will happen allot and a lot of people will get booted for trying to save a team mate.

FF needs to be taken off this mode is to easy to betray in flood