The Betrayal Booting is Broken

I was playing a game as I usually do, when one of my fellow team mates comes running at me, attempting to melee me. I move back, maybe they were confused and thought I was an enemy. Nope. They persisted and killed me, no enemies near by, and I didn’t shoot or melee them at all. I respawn with no option to kick them and, as per personal policy, go to get revenge, and then get kicked. The betrayal booting system is broken, allowing people actively betraying their team-mates to get away with it. 343 please fix this, and has anyone experienced this?

Knock on wood haven’t really run into any team killers in a while but when I do ya that booting system can sometimes seem to be completely dysfunctional. Its just super exploitable and some people I think find ways to get around it