The Beta, and why it is useful

I’ve been trying to do some research on Halo and its evolution. As someone who played CE in College LAN parties back before Halo 2 came out I can definitely see where some of the tension arises. I will readily admit I have never been good when it came to online play, but I have always been decent when it came to CE (Probably because I was never tested). With that said, I’ve done all the Beta’s that was around for Halo, and to be honest I wasn’t really a fan of those either at first. But that is the thing, they were all Beta’s and they all had their problems. But in seeing how far Halo has come. When Halo CE was released Bungie did not believe their multiplayer would be as popular as it was. One of the main reasons why was because they didn’t have it working properly until 5 weeks before launch. The fact that the multiplayer is doing as well as it is a year before launch gives me some hope that they will listen to constructive criticism and will come out with a product that suits new and old Halo fans alike.

On a side note, I used to help a different game company, who said they did listen to the fans, but when I was doing a closed Beta test, we would report issues and recommend changes, and it was never done. The games they released had the same issues as the Beta, and then only released 3 patches before moving on to their next project. Needless to say that company has now sold their assets to a new company, and have had to layoff multiple people. The reason why is because the consumers made the choice not to buy the product anymore. 343 made a decent campaign with Halo 4, but its multiplayer was off, and because of that they have gone back and removed load outs. Hopefully they continue to show the fanbase they will continue to listen, and adjust their game accordingly.