The Best Years of my Life

“Halo is more than just a game.” All of my friends in real life are united by one thing the love for are favorite game. All of my friends I have now that I am 15 where Halo Fans.
343 to many of us Halo is more than just a game it is a part of are lives. It is the last childhood memory that is still alive. It is the best game that has ever been made. When I grow old one of my favorite memories will be playing Halo with my friends after school.
I will never forget the first day I saw RVB after I had picked up my copy of Halo 2.
Halo is 12 years of tradition and fun. Years of making friends, years of competitve gaming, years of are childhoods. COD kids will never have as good of memories as us this generation of gamers will never know the meaning of a good game.

343 you have the license to a game that defined a decade of gaming. A game that is the last childhood memory alive for many people. Halo is more than just a game.

Please 343 do not yoink up your next game.

Bests years of my live was growing up with the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. This is coming from a hardcore Halo Fan who missed college to play Halo 3 at launch.